Welcome on the Open Enigma TV project page!

OpenETV (Open Enigma TV) is a media transcoding server for Enigma2 (Dreambox, VU+ and other clone) devices.
With this application you can encode/compress the Enigma2 media channels of your Dreambox or clone on the fly (transcoding) and make them available through http on you local network or the internet.

OpenETV has a build-in webserver for managing your streams. You can select your bouquets, channels and start/stop the streams.

OpenETV talks to the WebIF (Web Interface) of your Enigma2 device to select your bouquets and channels.
For the time being it uses VLC to transcode the media and export a http stream.

Theoretically this application should run cross-platform because it's written in Python. It only requires a proper Python/VLC installation. Linux (CentOS 6 and Fedora 23) and Mac OS X run this application successfully. Windows isn't tested yet, but should also work with a simular Python/VLC setup.

OpenETV is free software and can be downloaded from GitHub:


For installation details, see this blogpost or read the included README file.

OpenETV - Copyright (C) 2014 Joey Loman (joey@binbash.org)